About Impact Investing

Where financial returns meet social impact

Rooted in a paradigm shift, impact investing is revolutionizing how we view investments and development, proving profit and positive social impact can go hand in hand. As a growing asset class, impact investing taps into new sources of capital, unlocking the potential to solve today’s most difficult social and environmental issues.

Impact Investing and Microfinance

Impact investing is a category of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), which accounts for over USD 20 trillion in assets globally. Impact investing goes beyond passive screening and proactively seeks to create positive impact. Marked by rapid growth, the asset class of impact investing has more than doubled in the past two years counting over USD 100 billion in assets.


A sub-type of impact investing, commercial microfinance assets exceed USD 13 billion in 2015. The asset class is also expanding rapidly, with nearly 30% annual growth over the past decade. Growth is driven by increasing investor demand for impact and the attractive features of the asset class.

Source: Global Sustainable Investment Review, 2014

Impact Investing Themes

In line with our vision to foster inclusive growth and shared prosperity, BlueOrchard‘s strategy is holistic, targeting three key areas:

Our strategy is aligned with the game plans of leading development institutions, such as the World Bank.