Investing in education and driving development

Education is among the most powerful ways to provide opportunities to the world’s poor. Investing in human capital fosters economic growth and development, higher productivity, employment and innovation. It also translates into greater social and gender equality. For individuals in emerging countries, education increases social mobility and is among the only ways to substantially improve their quality of life.

Limited access and quality of education in the emerging world

Due to high population growth and the limited availability and quality of education in emerging and developing countries, there is a huge and growing demand for education, which the public sector is unable to meet. According to the World Bank, an estimated 58 million children worldwide are excluded from schooling and those who do attend school often don’t acquire the skills they need to improve their livelihood.

Bridging the education gap

Supporting access to and improving the quality of education can bridge the huge gap between the offer and the demand. Education finance promotes the sustainable provision of education financing capital to public and private sector institutions parents of students and students themselves.

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