Financial Inclusion

Investing in financial inclusion and shared prosperity

An inclusive financial system, where all members of society have access to financial services, is essential for shared prosperity and inclusive growth. Financial inclusion fosters entrepreneurship and job creation, and gives individuals the tools to improve their livelihoods on a plethora of levels – financial security, health, education, and more.

Half the world’s adults are excluded from the financial system

Today, half of the world’s adults – 2.5 billion people – remain unbanked. Concentrated in emerging and frontier economies, these individuals at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder have no access to credit, saving accounts, insurance or related financial services.

Alleviating poverty by supporting entrepreneurship

Microfinance fosters inclusive growth and development by providing micro entrepreneurs with capital and other services to support income-generating activities. Access to such services unleashes potential and helps break poverty cycles, empowering individuals, their families and whole communities.

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