i) Purpose.

The sole purpose of the BlueOrchard website is to provide general information for personal use and information only. The information contained does not constitute a solicitation, recommendation, offer or invitation to subscribe or redeem fund units, to execute any transactions or to conclude any legally binding agreements.

ii) Distribution/Marketing.

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iii) Investment risks.

Investors must be aware that all investments carry a certain degree of risk and that such risks can result in the total loss of the capital invested. Some investments may not be readily realizable as the market may be illiquid and therefore valuing the investment and identifying the risk to which investors are exposed may be difficult. Pastgood performance in value or profit are not a guarantee, nor an indication of future gains. Fund unit prices and the corresponding returns fluctuate over time, resulting in a price upon redemption that may either be above or below the initial subscription price. Furthermore, the currency of an investment fund or a share class of an investment fund may be different than the investor’s home country and currency fluctuations may increase or decrease the return. Investors should carefully read the information contained in each fund’s documentation on investment policies and investment risks in order to be able to properly assess the specific associated risks.

iv) No warranty, no advice.

BlueOrchard takes all reasonable care to keep all information and documents on its website up to date and correct at the time of publication. BlueOrchard is entitled to withdraw or amend any information, documentation or data contained on the website at any time and without prior notice. BlueOrchard Finance SA and its subsidiaries make no warranty or assurances, express or implicit, in respect of the current validity, accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information provided. Further, all information are made available without express or implicit assurance or warranty in respect of quality, originality, protection of intellectual property rights or suitability for a specific purpose. Nothing contained on BlueOrchard’s website constitutes financial, legal, tax or other advice. An investment in a fund should only be made after carefully studying the corresponding fund documentation and shouldn’t be made solely based on the content of BlueOrchard’s website.

v) No liability.

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vi) Property rights.

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